Casey Jarmes

Writer, Game Developer, Narrative Designer

Casey Jarmes is a BA creative writing/game design student at Columbia College Chicago. He was born and raised in southeast Iowa. He is an indie Game Developer who frequently participates in Game Jams and the author of more than two dozen short stories. In his spare time, he is the host of the podcast Silver Age/Silver Screen.

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Recent Posts

9 Cities

Windhelm (Skyrim) The city of kings has seen better days. It’s an old city, maybe the oldest on the continent. Legends describe it as the home of heroes, the shining jewel of the empire. Now, Windhelm is a shell of its former glory. Its stone walls are chilled by the northern wind as its peopleContinue reading “9 Cities”


Bootstraps is a board game created by Casey Jarmes, Keegan Milano, and Thomas Rohn. The game is centered around working-class life and seeks to capture the difficult, hopeless, often random experience of being a working American. Can be downloaded here Ruleset Set Up1: Each player takes 10 money and 5 joy.2: Place three shop cardsContinue reading “Bootstraps”

Jailhouse Rock

A competitive Quake multiplayer level, built for 2-4 players, taking place inside a prison. Can be downloaded here.

Celeste REVIEW

Celeste (Matt Makes Games, 2018, PC) George Mallory, one of the first men to ever summit Everest, famously answered a reporter’s question on why he climbs mountains with a simple, three word statement: Because it’s there. It is human nature to seek challenge, not simply because of desire for a reward, but because the challenge,Continue reading “Celeste REVIEW”

Helltaker REVIEW

Helltaker (vanripper, 2020, PC) Helltaker is a game about a guy going to hell so he can build himself a harem on anime demon girls. Much to my surprise, given that concept, its actually a well-polished and enjoyable puzzle game, if a bit short. The core gameplay of Helltaker centers around simple yet difficult blockContinue reading “Helltaker REVIEW”

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption REVIEW

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Nintendo/Retro Studios, 2007/2009, Nintendo Wii) The third game in Retro Studios’s Metroid Prime Trilogy continues the Metroid Series’s stellar action-exploration gameplay. Continuing where Echoes left off, Corruption concludes Samus Aran’s battle against her evil counterpart, Dark Samus. Now in control of the Space Pirates and armed with planet corrupting superweapons calledContinue reading “Metroid Prime 3: Corruption REVIEW”

SampleMania – Flavor Text Cards

Jarmes worked as the head writer on SampleMania, a game created for the 2019 Global Game Jam. The intro, game over screen, and win screen cards were written and assembled by Jarmes.

Astronaut Alone: All Letters

Spread throughout the game Astronaut Alone, developed and written by Casey Jarmes, are a series of letters written by the player character to an unseen, far off love. These letters, out of order, explain mechanics and elaborate on the protagonist’s backstory. It is recommended, for a proper experience, to play the actual game before readingContinue reading “Astronaut Alone: All Letters”

In 2020 I Dreamed of Fire

9:45 I can’t breathe. Three words that I’ve been hearing, again and again, this year. I heard them in videos that I watched a million times even though I know I shouldn’t have. I heard them in chants by people marching through the streets, right before those people were shot at. I heard them repeatedContinue reading “In 2020 I Dreamed of Fire”

Jet Starkicker, Space Cop!

The thug runs down the crowded sidewalk, shoving people out of the way. Two cops chase behind him, blasters drawn. The thug shoves a woman into a fruit cart, sending a dozen oranges rolling down onto the street. The cops slip on the oranges and fall flat onto their backs. “He’s getting away!” one ofContinue reading “Jet Starkicker, Space Cop!”

Clown Church

Deep within the sewers, you hear the echoing of circus music and honking horns. As you delve down, you are attacked by chainsaw wielding clowns and stumble upon a massive temple built in an underground cavern. A church…for clowns. Clown Church is a custom Quake map created by Jarmes. A link to download the mapContinue reading “Clown Church”

Snowdown Mowdown

A game created for a Game Jam in November 2019. Spend a snowday mowing down other children with snowballs as you sled down the neighborhood hill! Download Here

The Magnificent Master Green

A short turn based RPG created for a class. This is the color valley, where the seven color spirits live in harmony. The god of darkness, Lord Black, has invaded this realm and pulled six of the color spirits under its thrawl. You are Master Green, the youngest and weakest of the seven spirits. It nowContinue reading “The Magnificent Master Green”

Kiwi Konundrum

Jarmes worked as the chief level designer on the 3D-platformer Kiwi Konundrum. In this game, the player controls a kiwi bird mistakenly picked up and taken to a farmers market. The player must escape from the farmer’s market and return to their family. The game can be downloaded here.


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