Casey Jarmes

Writer, Game Developer, Narrative Designer

Casey Jarmes is a BA creative writing/game design student at Columbia College Chicago. He was born and raised in southeast Iowa. He is an indie Game Developer who frequently participates in Game Jams and the author of more than two dozen short stories. In his spare time, he is the host of the podcast Silver Age/Silver Screen.

For updates on upcoming work, follow Jarmes on Twitter.

Recent Posts

Clown Church

Deep within the sewers, you hear the echoing of circus music and honking horns. As you delve down, you are attacked by chainsaw wielding clowns and stumble upon a massive temple built in an underground cavern. A church…for clowns. Clown Church is a custom Quake map created by Jarmes. A link to download the mapContinue reading “Clown Church”

Snowdown Mowdown

A game created for a Game Jam in November 2019. Spend a snowday mowing down other children with snowballs as you sled down the neighborhood hill! Download Here


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