Casey Jarmes

Writer, Game Developer, Narrative Designer

Casey Jarmes is a BA creative writing/game design student at Columbia College Chicago. He was born and raised in southeast Iowa. He is an indie Game Developer who frequently participates in Game Jams and the author of more than two dozen short stories. In his spare time, he is the host of the podcast Silver Age/Silver Screen.

For updates on upcoming work, follow Jarmes on Twitter.

Recent Posts


The warm water pours down on me, washing away the dirt and grime. I grab a bottle of shampoo and squeeze it over my head. More shampoo than I should use, so much that it’ll probably ruin my hair. I don’t really care, I need to be clean. The suds wash over my body asContinue reading “Pescado”

Damnatio Memoriae

He woke up to a nosebleed. Bothered by this, Ron opened his eyes to the blackness of his apartment. He touched his top lip and felt the warm sticky liquid dripping from his snout. With a sigh, Ron crawled out of bed and walked into his bathroom. The nosebleed stopped as quickly as it began.Continue reading “Damnatio Memoriae”

9 Cities

Windhelm (Skyrim) The city of kings has seen better days. It’s an old city, maybe the oldest on the continent. Legends describe it as the home of heroes, the shining jewel of the empire. Now, Windhelm is a shell of its former glory. Its stone walls are chilled by the northern wind as its peopleContinue reading “9 Cities”


Bootstraps is a board game created by Casey Jarmes, Keegan Milano, and Thomas Rohn. The game is centered around working-class life and seeks to capture the difficult, hopeless, often random experience of being a working American. Can be downloaded here Ruleset Set Up1: Each player takes 10 money and 5 joy.2: Place three shop cardsContinue reading “Bootstraps”

Jailhouse Rock

A competitive Quake multiplayer level, built for 2-4 players, taking place inside a prison. Can be downloaded here.

Celeste REVIEW

Celeste (Matt Makes Games, 2018, PC) George Mallory, one of the first men to ever summit Everest, famously answered a reporter’s question on why he climbs mountains with a simple, three word statement: Because it’s there. It is human nature to seek challenge, not simply because of desire for a reward, but because the challenge,Continue reading “Celeste REVIEW”

Helltaker REVIEW

Helltaker (vanripper, 2020, PC) Helltaker is a game about a guy going to hell so he can build himself a harem on anime demon girls. Much to my surprise, given that concept, its actually a well-polished and enjoyable puzzle game, if a bit short. The core gameplay of Helltaker centers around simple yet difficult blockContinue reading “Helltaker REVIEW”


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