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Casey Jarmes

Writer, Game Developer, Narrative Designer

For updates on upcoming work, follow me on Twitter.

Recent Posts

Is Donkey Kong 64 Good?

Donkey Kong 64 (Nintendo/Rareware, 1999, Nintendo 64) I’m going to be upfront about something as I begin this review. Donkey Kong 64 was one of my favorite games when I was a kid. I loved this game, played it constantly, and thought it was a masterpiece. Recently I decided to play through it again, forContinue reading “Is Donkey Kong 64 Good?”

Smoke and Mirrors

A magician is found dead halfway through a magic trick. Although the case initially looks simple, the longer you investigate, the more complicated things become. Can you find his killer? Smoke and Mirrors is a murder-mystery visual novel written and developed by Casey Jarmes. Can be downloaded here.

yo mr white

yo mr white we have to solve a murder We will get the killer Jessie. He will go to jail for his brutal murder Jessie Play Here

Dream Jump

A 3D platformer about traveling through stress nightmares in search of good sleep.Jarmes worked as the game’s primary level designer, creating levels 2-4 as well as the tutorial level. The game can be downloaded here


A short horror game where you are hunted by scarecrows and must escape by finding five keys. Jarmes programmed and designed this game. Can be downloaded here


Jarmes worked as the lead designer on SPEEDWAVE, a party racing game set in a futuristic city. Jarmes created the original concept for the game, assembled art assets into tracks, designed the playable characters and wrote their voice lines, and playtested the game to fine-tune the controls. SPEEDWAVE can be downloaded here


Jarmes programmed and designed Blok, a simple arcade-style game where you push around colored blocks to fend of invading Can be downloaded here


The warm water pours down on me, washing away the dirt and grime. I grab a bottle of shampoo and squeeze it over my head. More shampoo than I should use, so much that it’ll probably ruin my hair. I don’t really care, I need to be clean. The suds wash over my body asContinue reading “Pescado”

Damnatio Memoriae

He woke up to a nosebleed. Bothered by this, Ron opened his eyes to the blackness of his apartment. He touched his top lip and felt the warm sticky liquid dripping from his snout. With a sigh, Ron crawled out of bed and walked into his bathroom. The nosebleed stopped as quickly as it began.Continue reading “Damnatio Memoriae”

9 Cities

Windhelm (Skyrim) The city of kings has seen better days. It’s an old city, maybe the oldest on the continent. Legends describe it as the home of heroes, the shining jewel of the empire. Now, Windhelm is a shell of its former glory. Its stone walls are chilled by the northern wind as its peopleContinue reading “9 Cities”


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