Double Elimination: Sole Survivor

The first book in the sci-fi fantasy Double Elimination series. Published May 2018.

In the far-off future, humanity’s greatest spectator event is the Golden Valhalla Tournament. Held every three years, the tournament features the world’s deadliest warriors duking it out for a single wish, granted by a literal god. Wizards, assassins, robots, superheroes, and more fight, making each match an awe-inspiring spectacle. Three months before the latest tournament, a seventeen-year-old thief named Rachel Botterill attempts to rob one of the tournament’s administrators. After being caught and arrested, the administrator gives her a choice. Fight in the tournament, providing him an underdog to boost ratings, or go to jail. Rachel chooses the former. Now Rachel is forced to fight, not only to win, but to survive the dangers of the tournament. With opponents like a masked giant, a former champion, and a cowboy straight out of the wild west all gunning to take her out, the odds are definitely not in her favor.

Can be purchased here.

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