Indie Games

Casey Jarmes is an indie game developer currently studying for a BA in Game Design from Columbia College Chicago. He frequently participates in Game Jams and creates indie games in his pare time.

Featured Games

  • Astronaut Alone (May 2020, Sole Developer)
    • Trapped alone in the stars, a lone shipwrecked astronaut flies through fields of debris and asteroids to reclaim lost letters, their only connection to home. Astronaut Alone is a beautiful 2D Platform tackling the themes of isolation and regret with a story told out of order through lost letters. In this game, the player is able to jump midair whenever they want, but limited in jumps by their fuel gauge, forcing players to conserve resources and think carefully about how they traverse a level.
  • Bonetrousle (October 2019, Sole Developer)
    • An arcade style game where you play as a dog collecting bones scattered around a busy intersection. As you collect bones, the cars speed up, forcing you to be more and more careful.
  • CoCost SampleMania (January 2020, Writer and Audio Programmer) Created for the Global Game Jam 2020
    • In this comical game, the player works as a mechanic fixing free sample firing gun turrets in a warehouse store. Because the player is allergic to these free samples, they must duck and weave around the level, dodging projectiles as they make the level more dangerous.
  • Kiwi Konundrum (February 2020, Level Designer) Created for the Columbia Fruit Jam
    • Biwi, a young Kiwi bird, is mistaken for a kiwi fruit and taken to a farmers market. Jump, glide, and eat your way to the hot air balloon at the end of the level so you can return to your loving family.

Other Games

  • Azimuth (February 2019, Level Designer) Created for the Columbia Physics Jam
  • The Magnificent Mr. Green (December 2019, Sole Developer)
  • Snowdown Mowdown (November 2019, Designer) Created for the Columbia Cozy Jam
  • Syrup Sumo Showdown (October 2018, Mechanic Design) Created for the Columbia Breakfast Jam
  • Zenfal (October 2019, Designer and Programmer) Created for the Columbia Zen Jam