Casey Jarmes is a writer and narrative designer with experience in both prose and video game writing. He has published three books, one novel and two short story collections, and worked as the head writer on multiple indie games.

Short Stories

Jarmes primarily writes short stories or novellas, more than two dozen of which are featured on this website. Some notable short stories include:

  • It Came From Below The Waves (Horror/Science-Fiction, 14000 Words, July 2020)
    • A wealthy bachelor’s yacht party turns dark after a body is found floating in the water. As the bodies continue to pile up, the terrified guests are forced to uncover which of them is not only the killer, but a creature only pretending to be human. Published in Collection 2.
  • Exodus (Science-Fiction/Horror, 5500 Words, March 2019)
    • The 23rd captain of the Exodus, a spaceship launched generations ago but still centuries away from its destination, struggles to stay objective as he leads his crew and deals with an unfortunate retirement. Published in Collection 2.
  • The Man In The Attic (Literary Fiction, 3000 Words, February 2019)
    • From the comfort of a suburban family’s attic, a stranger spies on their every move, studying the tragedies of an ordinary family. Published in Collection 2.
  • Stay Out Of The Forest (Horror, 2000 Words, October 2018)
    • There’s only one rule at the farm: stay out of the forest. Life on the farm may be strict, but every child knows that stepping into that endless see of dark trees means certain doom. Published in Collection 1.
  • A Perfect Day To Go Swimming (Literary Fiction/Horror, 1500 Words, September 2018)
    • A bored truck driver hauling cargo cross country talks to himself and laments that he has to work on such a nice day. Published in Collection 1.
  • The Cottage (Literary Fiction, 2000 Words, August 2018)
    • A man returns to his childhood home after being away for years and is forced to grapple with his dark past. Published in Collection 1.
  • A list of all short stories Jarmes has published, either in print or digitally, can be found here.

Double Elimination

Jarmes is the writer of Double Elimination, a series of sci-fi/fantasy novels that began in 2018. The Double Elimination series tells the story of the Golden Valhalla Tournament, a fighting tournament for people with superpowers, and the complex, interconnected backstories of the tournament’s fighters. As of now, the series consists of one book and two short stories, with a second book expected to come out sometime in coming years.

  • Book 1: Sole Survivor (2018)
    • Three months before the latest tournament, a seventeen-year-old thief named Rachel Botterill attempts to rob one of the tournament’s administrators. After being caught and arrested, the administrator gives her a choice. Fight in the tournament, providing him an underdog to boost ratings, or go to jail. Rachel chooses the former. Now Rachel is forced to fight, not only to win, but to survive the dangers of the tournament. With opponents like a masked giant, a former champion, and a cowboy straight out of the wild west all gunning to take her out, the odds are definitely not in her favor.
  • More information on the series can be found here.

Video Game Writing

Jarmes has worked as the Narrative Designer and Head Writer on several indie games.

  • Astronaut Alone (May 2020, Sole Developer)
    • Astronaut Alone tells the story of an astronaut stranded in the void of space after a devastating crash. The game is intended to instill a deep sense of loneliness and isolation. The game’s backstory is told through a series of letters found floating in space, the text of which can be read here.
  • CoCost SampleMania (January 2020, Writer and Audio Programmer)
    • CoCost SampleMania is a comedic game taking place in a dystopian future. The player character is a mechanic tasked with fixing free sample firing gun turrets in warehouse store. Jarmes wrote all of the game’s flavor text, as well as the comedic in-store PA announcements. Examples of the game’s flavor text can be found here.

Interactive Stories

Jarmes has written several interactive stories using Twine.

  • The Death of Damian Tarot (November 2018)
    • After wealthy mob boss Damian Tarot is found dead, the police interrogate his bodyguard about the murder.
  • 1871 (December 2018)
    • A bounty hunter searches for a murderer who fled to the frontier.

Other Writings

  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Twisted Destiny
    • Jarmes is the writer of Twisted Destiny, an ongoing fanfiction inspired by JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure by Hirohiko Araki. This fan part of the long-running manga tells the story of Johana Joestar, the youngest daughter of a clan of heroes that protect the world from the supernatural threats. Three years after rejecting her destiny and running away from home, Johana is suddenly thrust back into the violent world of stand battles after a group of powerful foes attacks her and her friends. This rough draft fanfiction updates infrequently and is currently around halfway through its planned length.